Discovery Place Child Development Center

We believe that through successful participation in learning experiences, children will develop a lifelong love for learning. Our child development center provides a unique opportunity for families to work and grow together.

Children who attend Discovery Place are immediately accepted into an intimate learning environment, and soon become family to each other.

We believe that all children should have a nurturing environment, which promotes a successful school experience. We offer a language-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of children while integrating the development of the child’s physical, emotional, creative, intellectual, social, and cultural skills through inquiry.

We promote opportunities for children to explore, to question, and to succeed at their own personal pace. We acknowledge that  everyone is unique and appreciate the cultural diversity, various  social backgrounds, and religious beliefs.

We believe student-centered learning (also called child-centered learning) is an approach to education focusing on the interests of the students, rather than those of others involved in the educational process, such as teachers. This approach has many implications for the design of the curriculum, everyday teachable moments and interactivity of subjects.

Student-centered learning, that is, putting students’ interests first, opposite to traditional education, by proponents of “student-centered learning” also dubbed “teacher-centred learning”. Student-centred learning focus on each student’s interests, abilities, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of learning. This classroom teaching method acknowledges student voice as central to the learning experience for every learner, and differs from many other learning methodologies. In a student-centred classroom, students choose what they will learn, how they will learn, and how they will assess their own learning. Teacher-centred learning has the teacher at its centre in an active role and students in a passive, receptive role. In a teacher-centred classroom, teachers choose what the students will learn, how the students will learn, and how the students are assessed on their learning. Student-centred learning requires students to actively, responsible participants in their own learning and with their own pace of learning.